Field with fence

Oil painting, Field with Fence line, 9x12" panel
Not entirely finished here, waiting for the grasses to dry before I do one more pass.  


Hmmm, I'm trying to take a couple new painting photo's.  However it's past the hour that my front room gets natural light.  I could go outside, but the heat makes the doors stick so badly that I'm sure to wake my sleeping toddler by opening them.  And if he wakes up I won't be able to edit the pics anyways.... No new photos to post today I guess.

Michael Harding Oil Paint

My new paints!!!

I'm pretty excited to give these a go.  I've been using Winsor and Newton's Winton line for years.  I'm curious if these Michael Harding oils, which are supposed to be of much superior quality, live up to their reputation.  

Yellow Tulips

Oil painting, Yellow Tulips 9x12 on 1/4" panel.

I've painted these tulips before, they grew in a flower bed beside our 150 year old house.  The bed was changed a couple years ago, but some of these still grow in random spots where the squirrels buried the bulbs for winter :)

Stacked Doughnuts

Oil Painting, Doughnuts 8x10 on 1/4" panel

 I'm not really sure if this is finished.  Sometimes I get to a stage with a painting, where I like the looser handling and I can't decide whether I should rework the details or not....  Sometimes you do that and end up with an over-worked feel, losing the freshness that you originally liked.  

Field painting

Oil Painting, Hay Bales, 1/4" panel

So, after 2.5 years without a post, I've actually managed to pick up a brush again.  Here are some hay bales, and hopefully I will be able to continue painting and posting!


Broken bottles, oil painting on canvas

Still having fun with bottles.

Finished Skulls

Three skulls, oil painting on canvas

This is the finished piece requested by my sister for her new appartment.  You can click on it for a larger image. It's a bit of a fuzzy pic, I didn't have great lighting to take it in.

Figure Study

figure study in oils

A bit more work on the little figure study I posted earlier.


Two Doughnuts, oil on canvas panel

I would like to do some more doughnut studies, this was fun.
The background and plate are making for a bit of a wonky composition.

Under a Bridge

Under the bridge, oil on panel

This painting has been driving me nuts. The more I work on it the more I dislike it. So I figured I should just put down the brush and post a picture, maybe it will help me decide what's wrong with it.

Some unfinished work

Quick figure sketch that may or may not be worked on more.

This is the test piece for skull painting that my sister has asked for.

This is a little sketch from a photo that I took in Newfoundland

Sushi Paintings

I started two little sushi paintings, they were fun. I should try doing studies with a bigger brush, not let myself get stuck with little details.

Water Painting

Here is a water painting study, the view is peaking out from under the angled leg of an old wooden bridge. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of glare on this photo, it's picking up the gesso strokes under the painting.

Ok, so I am starting to try some portrait work. This is the second or third attempt at my sister. The first one is so wonky looking that it's not getting posted. I have been using different poses to work from each time and I wonder if working on the same one each time might be more productive? After I did this study I started looking up some skin tone mixes and remembered that I am missing the cooler tones in the shadows. It's funny how obvious that seems when I see the painting on the computer screen.


Statue of Diane, oil painting on panel

Exercise for "Different Strokes for Different Folks" blog.