Ontario Field

Horizon, Oil on Panel, 12"x16"

I made some changes, the orginal painting is below.  After I hang something on my wall for a few weeks I almost always want to change something about it.  Usually because I was rushing, or got tired of working on the same thing.  Putting it aside and working on a different piece for a while always seems to help.

Work in Progress

Oil Painting, Rocks, 16x20"

Working away, changing my studio lighting around, trying to get better pictures that show some brushwork.  Work in progress of Geogian Bay

Pickled Hot Pepper Painting

Picled Hot Peppers, Oil on Panel, 8x10"

Pretty much done, might go back into the highlights a bit.  I will definitely need to take a better picture if the December sun ever comes out again!  Impossible not to get the glare on the background when you scan a painting.  Now I will let my husband open this jar of peppers that my Aunt and Uncle gave us months ago.  It was just so pretty I had to paint it first.

Some Sketching

I told myself that if I don't have time to paint on any particular day, I have to at least do a quick drawing.  All of the figure poses are courtesy of the awesome website http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing/ that sets up the poses like you are at a life drawing class.

Smooth Stones

Smooth Stones, Oil on Canvas, 14"x16"

Another piece that I've worked on intermittently.  Sometimes it's harder to go back and finish a half done painting than it is to just start something new, but I've always loved these shiny smooth stones.  I know the colours look unreal, but I have pictures from a beach in Newfoundland to prove it.

Rocky Shore Painting

Rocky Shore, Oil painting on panel, 10x10"

Unlike my previous post, I've been working on this painting off and on for at least a year.  I'm still not

really sure if I'm done with it.  It probably won't be for sale on Etsy because I would really really miss seeing it on my shelf of drying paintings.  It's Georgian Bay.

Honey Jar Painting

Honey Jar, Oil on Panel, 7x9"

Really nice sometimes to paint something quicker and more simple.  Compared to
some works with complicated pre-drawings and layers that have to dry, and a week of tiny paintbrush detail.  I didn't even break out a tiny little brush for this guy.

Old Barn Painting

Old Barn, Oil on Panel, 10x12"

This is the old foundation of my in-law's barn.  A few weeks after I started this painting some of
the big rocks on the upper left fell right out of the wall.  I love these old barns, I can't believe the variety of rocks they're made out of.  Much prettier than the new poured concrete foundations!

Stormy Field Painting

Stormy Field 7x9" Oil on panel

  This little painting is of a field in late summer, bit of a stormy moody day.  I need to re-photograph without the date stamp.  I need to paint new things to put up in the Etsy shop!  It's gotten pretty sparse since I made 8 sales.  I know that's not a lot compared to some of those power house Etsy shops.  But I actually really love that people in Ontario, Germany, America, Alberta all bought my paintings and I got to package them up and send them all over :) 

Cherry Bowl 8x10" oil painting on panel

I just can't stay away from painting some cherries.  I always think that they will be a nice quick
painting, and I forget that Alizarin Crimson oil paint takes nearly a month to dry.  I also may lose my mind trying to get the colours accurate when photographing this.  It looks garish, overly bright, and yellowy here.  Maybe this will come through better....

Nope, I give up.  Whatever colours I see on my computer probably look different on yours anyways!

Under the Bridge 8x10" oil painting on panel

This is an older piece that I tried changing around a bit.  The view is under an old bridge in Haliburton Ontario.    

Linked to Etsy and Facebook now?

Trying to link up the blog to Etsy and Facebook.  The little etsy link thing should be at the top right of the page.  But Facebook's giving me trouble.

Rocky Shore

First pass blocking in a little piece of Georgian Bay shoreline.  I hope to get some more work done on it soon, but we're packing to move in a couple of weeks.  On the bright side, I will finally have a studio with ceilings high enough to stand under!

Progress picture, Bowl of Cherries

The background colours of this picture are sooooo far off.  Almost makes me think that I need a new camera.  Anyways, a progress pic can still help me see some changes I want to make.  This new Alizarin Crimson that I'm using is taking a stunning (like weeks) amount of time to dry, so I may be waiting a while.


I started a little shop on Etsy, blogger is giving me a lot of trouble trying to post the link on the sidebar. However it can be found by searching JoCzech on etsy.com :)

The Three Tim Horton's Doughnuts

Three Time Horton's Doughnuts, oil on panel, 9x12"

I was trying out a palette knife to paint the table that the doughnuts sit on.  It gave me some edges that I really like, although they don't seem to show up very well in the photo here.  You can always click the image to see it bigger.